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Ingredients matter. Quality matters. Wouldn’t you want the largest ingredient in your bread, cakes, cookies, and pastries to be of the highest quality? We believe that there is a big difference in both taste and nutrition of using freshly milled, premium flour grown from healthy soil. Our flour is milled fresh for your bakery when ordered, it hasn’t been sitting on the shelves of a warehouse for months. We truly believe that you will notice a big difference when making the switch to freshly milled flour. An added bonus? Our farming practices are good for the environment and regenerative agriculture as a whole is a major factor in the climate change solution.

Our flour’s exceptional quality is confirmed by comprehensive testing conducted at the California Wheat Lab, a testament to our dedication to providing the best.

Still need a little more convincing? Reach out for a free 2KG sample bag and start testing some recipes!

Flour Options Available

Bakery sales are available in multiples of 10kg bags.

Hard Red Spring Sifted Flour

Our Hard Red Spring Sifted Flour is known for its excellent baking attributes, with an ash content of 1.36 and bread volume of 805, surpassing standard expectations. Stability at 7.4 minutes ensures unmatched bread structure, coupled with an optimal flour particle size distribution makes it ideal for those passionate about baking.

Hard Red Spring 100% Whole Grain Flour

Our Hard Red Spring 100% Whole Grain Flour, offers rich, full flavors and a hearty texture, ideal for non-yeast baked goods. With falling numbers and stability within superior baking ranges, it’s perfect for diverse culinary creations.

Red Fife Sifted Flour

Our Red Fife Sifted Flour is known for it’s nutty flavour which guarantees flavorful bakes. We recommend using this flour in non-rise baking or as a sourdough starter.

Red Fife Whole Grain

Our Red Fife 100% Whole Grain Flour is known for its whole grain benefits and mineral richness, with an ash content slightly above the ideal at 2.22%, enriching any bake with nutritional value.

Rye Flour

Introducing our latest addition: Rye Flour, offered in both sifted and whole grain options, exclusively for bakeries.



Our company

Engrained Flour

Chris and Lindsey Raupers own and operate Cardale Grain Corporation, the farm behind Engrained Flour Co., located in Southwestern Manitoba. Since 2017 we have been incorporating regenerative agriculture practices into our farming operation. We truly believe that focusing on soil health and giving the plants what they need when they need it, produces a better product that is ultimately better for you.




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