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Red Fife – Sifted Flour


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Red fife wheat is a Canadian Heritage wheat variety that has not been cross-bred or hybridized like modern wheat. There are many sources that claim that this heritage wheat variety possesses a lower gluten content than most modern varieties of wheat, thereby making it easier to digest. You will notice a unique scent and flavour compared to hard red spring flour. This flour is milled from the whole grain and then sifted at an 80-85% extraction rate. This means that some of the larger bran particles are sifted out which creates a flour closer in texture to a regular all-purpose, while still maintaining much of the nutritional value as its whole-grain counterpart.

We believe that high-quality ingredients produce high-quality food. Our goal is to provide our customers with a more nutritious product, with an extremely small transparent food supply chain. All of our flour is stone-milled in small batches right here in Manitoba, Canada. We grow the grain, we sell the flour, it doesn’t get any simpler than that.

We suggest this sifted version for use in cookies, cakes, pastries, bread and also as a great substitute for your regular all-purpose flour. It has a more unique flavour than our sifted hard red spring and we recommend experimenting with your favourite recipes.

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